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Novoline American Poker 2

The Novoline video poker game – American Poker 2 is the perfect game for poker and slots lovers! Incorporating both the fun of slots, along with the skill of poker, the hugely popular game that has been available only in casinos throughout Germany and other European countries, Novoline American Poker 2, has just recently become available online and the game offers the same great excitement as its casino version yet you can play it in the comfort of your own home. Based on the same premise as many other video poker games in American Poker 2 online you are not playing against other people but are  trying to get the best combination of cards to give you a payout.

Why Is American Poker 2 Online Better Than Live?

In order to play American Poker 2 you require no download so you can be up and playing in no time and believe it not you have better odds of hitting a bigger jackpot when you play American Poker online rather than on a machine in a casino because the payout ratio online favors the players far more. The highest hand in Novoline American Poker is 5 of a kind and the lowest is 2 pair so if you get either of these hands or anything in between it means you have a winning combination! Give American Poker 2 online a try and see why so many say this is one of the best video poker games on the internet right now.